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What is "Public Relations?"
Public Relations encompasses strategies that an organization may use to deliver its message to a variety of audiences — consumers, shareholders, employees, the general public, association members, public policy decision makers. The strategies may vary according to the audience an organization wants to reach, but the goal is always the same — to deliver information that enhances or explains the organization's mission and helps it reach its objective.

For a company, that objective may be increased sales. For an academic institution, it may be an enhanced reputation for its faculty. For a nonprofit, it may be increased membership and donations.

What is "Media Relations?"
Perhaps the cornerstone of public relations is media relations, which is the creation of relationships with journalists with the goal of persuading them to include your organization's message in their coverage.

Successful media relations is achieved through a sustained campaign of contact with journalists, utilizing a set of strategies and materials such as media kits, fact sheets, press releases and, most importantly, personal persuasion. Journalists are inundated with information and "story pitches" from dozens of organizations every day. To get your story told, it is essential to know what each journalist covers and the types of stories they are looking for.

That's where Anadon Communications comes in. We have access to thousands of journalists at national and local media outlets, as well as trade and professional publications.

We have been journalists, so we know how they think, we know what they're looking for, and we know how to deliver information to them in a way that assures your story will be told.